Whether you call it an accent wall, focal wall or feature wall, these walls are popular!

There are several reasons to choose an accent wall. The name is a give-away; an accent wall adds an accent to the room.

If cost is a factor, spending money on only one wall and painting the rest can be an inexpensive choice. Match the paint on the other walls to the background colour in the wallpaper.

If you’ve decided on a strong pattern or dark colour but think covering a whole room would be too much, just wallpaper one wall and make a feature out of it.

With open concept spaces becoming more popular, focal walls are now being used to delineate a space.

Even a quiet pattern can sometimes overwhelm a small space. Covering only one wall can make a subtle hint, enhancing, not overpowering the space.

Using the ceiling as an accent wall can provide an unexpected drama to your space.

Accent walls work well in every space.

Feel free to experiment.

For more ideas check out our portfolio. https://precisionwallpaper.ca/portfolio